Diabolical - Neogenesis

Swedish Death Metal masters Diabolical released "Neogenesis" on September 27, 2013 through ViciSolum Productions. The amazing thing about "Neogenesis" is that it is a story and when purchased, even comes with literature to read while listening to this amazing album. Talk about kicking it up a notch on the concept album idea. There are eleven tracks on the album along with eleven chapters in the book. That’s some pretty far out stuff.

Now, the perception of death metal is loud, agonizing instruments playing while some dude in black make-up growls unintelligibly into a microphone. There is definitely much growling on this CD, but the backdrop of soothing instruments and echoic background vocals makes this album different. Plus, it is a story about a post-apocalyptic world coming to a harrowing end. When it comes to literature, the whole post-apocalyptic angle has been done, re-done and frankly, overdone. But to combine an album and a readable story is sheer intellectual genius.

The album begins with haunting soprano vocals quickly followed by harrowing (and quite soothing) instruments, which do not last long when the pulse pounding force of strong vocals and reckless instruments dance together in seamless fashion.

Since this is a concept album, it is slightly unfair to dissect it and pick out a couple songs to really go into detail about, but there are some tracks on here that are worth mentioning singularly. Therefore, I am going to make an exception on this one and break my own set of rules.

'Oracle' is one of those tracks that begin with that haunting 'let’s go meditate in a field under the moonlight' sound that quickly turns into 'I think the zombies are coming.' Yeah, this one is wicked awesome with the stellar growling and smooth changeups. There are a couple bridges in the song that figuratively carry the listener to a darker realm and set up the next haunting track.

'Reincarnation Of The Damned' is another scary track that piques the listener’s interest. It is a dark, gloomy (almost doom metal like) song that goes up a level with each minute into the song. It is haunting then it is gruesome and finally it is heart breaking with an angry climax.

If you are into doom metal, death metal or any of that ‘unconventional’ mysterious, heavy metal do yourself a favor and get an early, selfish Christmas gift. Or, you could but it for someone else and conveniently ‘borrow’ this one.

This album is amazing as a whole and will be a masterpiece in years to come with the intricate levels of musical instruments along with exceptional death metal vocals not overly done.

  1. Into Oblivion
  2. Metamorphosis
  3. Oracle
  4. Ex
  5. World In Silence
  6. Reincarnation Of The Damned
  7. Fields Of Nihil
  8. Dialogue With The Dead
  9. Wolves' Choir
  10. The Age To Come
  11. Humanitas