Dimaeon – Exit Reality

Dimaeon are a progressive death metal band from the Netherlands, and despite their brief second EP, ‘Exit Reality,’ the album does an excellent job at doing just that. There is only three tracks, but one of them is a monster epic, making this EP quite worthy of picking up. The music is heavily melodic with deep growls, bordering between melodic death and doom metal. Tracks like “Blood Of Millions” are pretty straightforward- haunting rhythms over deep growls and rapid drumming. But, it’s “Terra”- the ten minute epic- that steals the show. There is tons of acoustic moments where the music slows down and the beauty of the band can be captured rather than just the aggression. There is even some depressing clean vocals in the mix to really bring out the doomish side, but it doesn’t overwhelm the listener completely or take away from some of the more upbeat melodies. “Aeon” is highly progressive with its jazz laden interludes and switching from hard, crushing strums to more string picked options. Overall, the listener is left with a smooth sense of aggression that actually has some style and class to it rather than just a punch to the face. Highly recommended.

Self released
Reviewer: devilmetal747

Dec 3, 2010

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Dimaeon – Exit Reality

  1. Blood Of Millions
  2. Terra
  3. Aeon

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