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Here we have another band that believes that too much information is probably unnecessary. Besides the name (I don't know the story behind it, but come on you have to admit that Dirigiri' sounds a bit… I don't know… whatever), the fact that they come from San Antonio, Texas, their date of birth (2004) and the fact that some people claim that after they have seen one of their shows they have experienced nightmares and have had the Devil himself appear before their very eyes (their own words), we know nothing more!

Just that this here is their self titled first EP (?) and first release apparently for 2013. Dirigiri's sound is the good old thrash metal sound, with many death metal interleaves. It is what most would call thrashy death metal or if you like it, thrash death! The whole release, which is a total of 18-19 minutes, reek old school. From the cover artwork (can't get any old schooler than that), to the music and obviously to the means they use to promote their music! Every aspect on the way they view music is old school and obviously this type of audience is the one that is going to get mostly triggered to check this out! Without that of course, placing it in the 'No-list' for the modem sound lovers! In their case old school equals quality, and it couldn't be different cos once you listen to the first note of this release, you automatically understand that what these guys play, is straight from the heart, and such releases always exhale quality results!

So here we have those old school Cannibals from Texas, attacking us with their 6 track release, and we actually enjoy it! Tight rhythms, mostly thrashy but also death metal in a fair amount of 65% thrash and 35% death metal! If this release came out on the early 90s we wouldn't be making this type of separation. Brings a lot of Possessed in mind. A lot of early Death and bands that in general used to thrash it a bit more! No fancy technical performances here, and no  super complex songs that take 5 years till they feel like home! Dirigiri's magic is based on the clarity of their vision as a band, and to their honesty in playing... I mean just think about that: some dudes that are into thrash metal, enter the studio and record their rehearsal, accompanied from a couple of friends, and a lot of beers, you are certain that the result will be definitely above average. And if you happen to be in this company, to your ears, it sounds perfect.

Well that is what Dirigiri made sure to accomplish! By listening to this album, you almost feel that you're among them listening to their rehearsal, and having fun! If now you replace the crappy sound of a rehearsal, with the clear sound of a professional recording, you instantly will get Dirigiri's release! Can't find more honest, and intact music than this one lads! And what's honest and intact is certainly above average! It is just that this one is even more. It is really good! Old school fan or not, sink your teeth in it! The question is of course, how can you do that since this band is more like a ghost band, rather than an actual living band? I guess their Facebook page might solve the problem. It worths a shot lads… go for it!

  1. Death By The Hands Of An Angel
  2. Bone Collector
  3. Boiled In Blood
  4. Riot
  5. Straight From The Grave
  6. Toilet Extermination

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 12, 2013

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