Disavowed - Revocation Of The Fallen

Legends in the genre of brutal death metal and I believe they don’t need any introductions. With their second full length being 13 years behind, the news for this upcoming new release from Disavowed came as a blast. Was about time we escaped the cesspool of new age deathcore bullshit and make our ears bleed with pure and uncompromising brutal death metal, the Netherlands way.

No intros and no unnecessary fuzz here. First track breaks the silence majestic and a bit more to the groovy side than what most of us would expect. Starts blasted but with big breaks here and there diffusing a lot of the tension created by the technical nature of the riffing. A perfect song for mid live set to break ones neck. Great flow to the vocals and great dual lines (guttural and shriek). Second track underway and I think most of the die-hards are familiar with this one. 'The Enlightened' one came out earlier in the year, giving out the vibes of "Revocation Of The Fallen". It’s got nothing less than a Disavowed fan would expect from them. Technical riffing, hard breaks followed by a relentless double kick drum, great vocal patterns accomplished by an exquisite growler and in general a well-balanced brutal death metal track. The blast beats are simply relentless and to this I believe helped a lot the coming of Septimiu from Necrovile behind the drumkit. The guy is a beast and definitely adds his part to the entire outcome.

The songs proceed in a tremendous pace. "Revocation Of The Fallen" is full of everything. From down-beat grooves, to hyper brutal blasted outbursts, to technical interleaves aiming only to the brutal side of the genre. 10 songs of hateful, technical brutal death metal in less than 35 minutes. 'Deformed Conduct', 'Therapeutic Dissonance', 'Egocentric Entity', 'Facing The Singularity'. So many tracks would become instant favorites and upon each hearing you’ll switch to others and so on. Disavowed created an album with depth which tends to grow in you in every hearing. Don’t make the mistake of comparing this one to their first two. They cannot be repeated of course. This is the new Disavowed, 13 years after their second, bringing them out more mature than they were, a little less raw but still rabid.

Production is crystal clear and actually here is where someone may cringe as some (myself included) may find it a bit too clean. Everything can be heard loud and clear and everything has its special place in the mix but my personal opinion is that if it was a bit more raw and primitive it would add points of aggression to the entire outcome. That being said of course doesn’t make Revocation of the Fallen any less threatening than it is. Dutch death metal at its finest from the most qualified in the genre. Try it yourselves and see if your bones can take it!

4 / 5 STARS 


1. The Process Of Comprehension
2. The Enlightened One 03:46
3. Revocation Of The Fallen
4. Imposed Afterlife
5. Deformed Construct
6. Therapeutic Dissonance
7. Defractured In Contemplation
8. Egocentric Entity
9. The Inevitable Outcome
10. Facing The Singularity