Disfigured Human Mind / Gorgonized Dorks - Abusively Abrupt Pestilence

Disfigured Human Mind have been active since 1999. I first got into them in the year 2000 when I received the "Deadly Fragments" demo from a tape trading. I first got attracted by the grindcore cover and aesthetics. I loved the old school grindcore attitude of the band. This demo was recorded live. The production was lo-fi. There were many tracks each one with different approach, but the same passion. I remember I even distroed this tape via my "After My Prayers Distro" I run at the time. Not much more than what a fan could do to support the underground.

Time passed, times changed and I got left behind in their discography. I thought the project had ceased to exist. However, I recently spotted out they've made a huge comeback after 2016 with a great number of releases every year including split releases with Agathocles, Stomachal Corrosion, Väättumänukku, Insomnia Isterica, New York Against The Belzebu, Sete Star Sept and many more, plus own releases. It is always a pleasure for me to see the undergound is not only breathing, but it is alive and kicking!

So, I was very pleased to receive this C30 cassette tape, which comes with a green colored brochure with sick artwork in the old school noise/grind style plus a great manifest text for the release. The tapes are creamy white with glued white stickers. In their side Disfigured Human Mind play Improvised Necro Noise Violent Grincore from the Sewers! That's how they call their sound, and they are right! Their massive sound wall will be adored by all noise/grind, power electronics, old school industrial and some gore freaks. Don't expect "structures" and "songs" here. Just pure raw and lo-fi noise like it used to be in the late 70's and early 80's; minimal, cadaveric, misanthropic. These are the words!

Gorgonized Dorks is also a very respected underground band. The 2-piece with Katz (vox+guitar) plus Ben (drums+noises) have been doing disservice to the community since 2005. They have a really huge (and I mean it!) discography with countless splits with bands/projects like Bestial Vomit, Unholy Grave, Agathocles, Godstomper, Seven Minutes of Nausea (aka 7MON), Kadaverficker, Deche-Charge, my own project Ego Death, plus many own releases.

For the split tape with Disfigured Human Mind, GxDx recorded a bunch of raw untitled tracks. At this point I will have to remind for the younger friends that "untitled" is probably the most common "title" you could find back in the old days on grindcore and noise/grind releases.

The GxDx tracks maintain their lo-fi attitude and remain passionate, aggressive and dangerous. After pressing play on my deck, I had to turn on the volume to get the best possible audio. After few tracks the audio level was already higher. This is excellent for me because it is a part of the recording and part of the aesthetics (early black metal demos had the same attitude towards the material)!

In terms of sound, above zillion layers of instrument/organic noise (which extends inbetween the tracks glueing them well), you can listen to the drums playing abstract beats with unmatched passion, riffs coming straight out from old school punk/grind rehearsals, a general Extreme Noise Terror, 7MON, Discharge attitude and vocals which mean to be a call for an outbreak against modern slavery and society, against anything that depresses us, vocals that stand for freedom of speech and choice, vocals that stand for liberty!

I truly miss those live shows that I had the chance (and was lucky enough) to see the years before the pandemic. Gorgonized Dorks with their set reminded me of those vivid days back then when I would see live bands like Archagathus, Bestial Vomit, Agathocles and so many other underground grindcore bands from all over the world in Athens, Greece. The GxDx sound is effective and living in a similar way to a grindcore/noise live show!

If you want pop/rock structures and rock'n roll attitude, this is definitely not for you. Gorgonized Dorks remain true to their selves and deliver a lo-fi grindcore attack filled with noise (don't forget: old school grindcore and noise are brothers) that some people into power electronics, lo-fi music and old school analogue industrial will dig.

The tape is limited to 100 copies, exactly just like it should be.

The grade is (as always) for my personal taste. I don't expect people to agree with it and please be careful and try listen to the material first before buying it because this is not meant to be for everyone, while it is! Long live the Underground!


January 10th, 2021

This is a deeply sad day for me, for ego death and for the global underground movement. My long time friend, Katz (Katsuhiko Seki), sadly passed.

I had the honor and the privilege to share 7 split releases w/Gorgonized Dorks spanning a period from 2006-2019, several compilations and some more co-operations.

Above everything I had the honor and the privilege to share endless overnight chats (in addition to the letter exchange) with Katz: about music, the scene, the people, the physical and the metaphysical.

He was a living encyclopaedia, I can tell! His knowledge was immeasurable and I learned many things from him!
The best thing I got to know was how deeply kind and really sensitive and thoughtful person he was! I called Katz a friend and a brother!

Our final chats (less than a month ago) were about him writing down or narrating some of his stories for (an) article/s for the new zine I told him I planned. Katz was always excited with the underground and he was in! Katz served the u/g with his heart and soul!

There are zillions of stories to share, but no actual need at the moment. No words can express the sadness I feel for Katz loss right now.

My sincere condolences and my thoughs go to his family/relatives, his close friends and beloved people, to Ben Agromosh/GxDx, to the Christian Death family and to pretty much the whole underground scene!

Katz life was dedicated in support of the real and mighty underground, the birthgiving place of everything important, the place he served well his whole lifetime!

May he rest in peace and may the Gods reward him for such a colorful soul he was!

Weird fact: I had already submitted my review to Twan, but kept it as a "secret" from Katz to surprise him when the review would be up...

R.I.P. brother!

Manos Michaelides - Ego Death

5 / 5 STARS 

1. Devoured By Compulsive Addictions
2. Pestilent Social Deformation
3. Humanoids Falling Into Abysmal Addictions
4. Abrupt Social Disintegration
5. Overdose Social Is The Final Addition
6. Bunches Of Raw Untitled Tracks