Disfigured Human Mind / Peste / Absurd – Humanidade Desfigurada Numa Pestilência Absurda​

Disfigured Human Mind from the Netherlands is all about nihilistic noisecore and infernal schizophrenia from the undergrind. They perform improvised necro noise violent grindcore from the infernal sewers!!! Their side of the split is named “Apenas Ruído De Granito Maciço…”. After a hypnotic ambient synth ritual intro a grind riff breaks out of the sudden. The drums are totally chaotic, superfast with many breaks and abrupt changes, but everything they do is absolutely meaningful. The vocals come straight out of the very depths of hell. Disfigured Human Mind used for their recordings only guitar, drums and sick throat vokills. The guitar is extreme and distorted far beyond heavy. The vocals are absolutely insane and original.

The basic influences here are (early) Napalm Death, (early) Carcass, (early) Extreme Noise Terror, Last Days of Humanity, Gore Beyond Necropsy and Blasphemy (Can). The intros are obscure and useful for the atmosphere of Disfigured Human Mind. The band has a great attitude! From the grindcore ground they explore all that is extreme be it noisecore, noise/grind or raw black metal. The recordings were made in Portugal in April 2020.

Peste from Brazil recorded their material in 2 sessions. The earlier of these sessions was in 2003. Peste play grindcore influenced by punk, noise and metal and remain extreme all the way. The recording is live, thus has a crispy punk attitude which won’t allow you to fully understand what Peste can do in the studio, but it is indicative nonetheless of their raw energy and power. Peste are deep into the grindcore extremity fields of the first days of the genre. Their side is called “O Retorno Do Final Do Mundo”.

The one man band Absurd from Brazil recorded their material in several sessions in the period between 2019 and 2020. Many of the tracks remain untitled, which is a common practice for grindcore bands. Some of their sessions are very raw, others have mechanic sounds and rhythms which flirt with noisecore. They offer a great variety of sounds covering the most styles of grindcore in 37 tracks. They even cover Napalm Death and Carcass! Their side is called “Strategic Confinement”.

So, if you are into grindcore, lo-fi recordings, noise, noisecore, noisegrind and raw extreme metal, if words and phrases like “impurity, violent noise, minimalistic chaos, nihilistic and misanthropic attitude” are meaningful to you, then proceed. You will get to listen to tortured, dark noise sounds of anatomy, the trap doors of chaos and death and plague over humanity with your very ears.

The same program repeats in both sides. The cassette tape is limited to only 150 copies.
There is a die hard hellpack limited to 25 copies with Murder Hammer including split cassette + poster A4 + 1 Murder Hammer + 1 Nail + 1 Bottle Cap and the normal edition limited to 125 copies without Murder Hammer including split cassette + poster A4.
I got the edition with the hammer and made sure no-one was hurt…. yet! However, that nail is to be hammered upon skulls as shown in the poster… To whom it may concern, BEWARE!

4,5 / 5 

Reviewer: Manos Michaelides

Oct 17, 2020

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Disfigured Human Mind / Peste / Absurd – Humanidade Desfigurada Numa Pestilência Absurda​

review Disfigured Human Mind / Peste / Absurd

1. Disfigured Human Mind - Apenas Ruído De Granito Maciço...
2. Peste - O Retorno Do Final Do Mundo
3. Absurd - Strategic Confinement


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