Disfigured Human Mind / Väättumänukku ‎– Estraçalhando A Raça Humana

The title of the split is translated as “Gently smashing the human race like an atomic bomb of nuclear noise”, a phrase which accurately describes what you are going to listen on this limited to 100 hand-numbered copies split cassette tape.

Disfigured Human Mind recorded their side in Portugal and the Netherlands. They deliver a lethal dose of Improvised Necro Noise Violent Grindcore. Expect a furious and manic approach with the drums counting at the beginning of the tracks just to let DHM unleash their hellish guitar noise and distorted vocal attack. I understand this is a love or hate thing, but if you are into proto-grind you will have to appreciate the honesty put in these sounds.

The band managed to track down 45 tracks in their side which sounds as a good recorded rehearsal. The songs do have structure, but at the same time they are rough and unpolished and noise is dominating in the recording. The punk attitude of DHM brings to mind very early live or rehearsal/demo recordings of Napalm death, Extreme Noise Terror and Doom.

Väättumänukku from Sao Paulo, Brazil define their style as Mince Knup Noise Terror Core. If you are a fan of the old-school raw Punk and Grind scene, and just take a look at their discography you will surely appreciate the aesthetics of the black and white artworks/collages which are on the same path with legendary bands like Crass, Doom (except for “The Greatest Invention” LP), Kaaos (except for the split w/ Terveet Kädet), and of course Discharge.

The production is lo-fi, as it should be. The sound is thick and massive with many drones and noise. The limitations of the cassette tape media works just great with these sounds. The vocals have a weird own style mixing grindcore with industrial. Riff-wise Väättumänukku seem to appreciate the grind and punk power chord guitars of the 80’s, which is more than enough for their style.

“Estraçalhando A Raça Humana Suavemente Como Uma Bomba Atômica De Ruído Nuclear” is a very interesting release for fans of the aforementioned genres, subgenres and bands. If you are not into these styles, then this is not for you. The limitation of the cassette tape says it all. It’s meant to be for the hardcore fans of the old school deathnoise and not for the mainstream. I am satisfied with that!

4 / 5 STARS

Reviewer: Manos Michaelides

Apr 15, 2021

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Disfigured Human Mind / Väättumänukku ‎– Estraçalhando A Raça Humana

review Disfigured Human Mind / Väättumänukku - Split

1. Radioactive Hellish Echoes From The Nuclear Noise Reactors
2. Disunião Entre Panques Du Bra$Il
3. Aprenda Aqui A Como Desconstruir O Sexismo De Uma Maneira Prática, Didática, Simples, Direta E Objetiva
4. Como Insultar Sutilmente O Proletariado Sem A Devida Percepção Do Mesmo
5. O Precinho Da Opressão
6. Pau No Cu Da Sociedade Falocêntrica
7. Pequena Reflexão Sobre A Sua Suposta Humilde Opinião
8. Processo Constante De Evolução Mental
9. Canção Anti-Gambé Obrigatória À Toda Banda Punk Que Se Preze
10. Nosso Ódio Contra A Sua Farsa
11. Olhar Crítico Analítico Sobre O Analfabetismo Político
12. Seja Realista, Exija O Impossível
13. Corra Que A Polícia Vem Aí
14. Peita Do PT
15. Tirano's


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