Disintegration – Prahara

Brutal Mind is known for aiming at bands that reek ferociousness. Disintegration are no exception to that rule! A fresh band to the scene with only one demo of 2016 so far. “Prahara” is their first full length and released in 2020.

Six new tracks along with the two from their demo are the ones “Prahara” consists of. Blast beat upon blast beat upon blast beat. Disintegration’s approach is based in the tight bond between blast beats and razor sharp, swirling riffs. Eastern style scales alter with typical US death metal grooves. Fat bass lines thickening the whole sound taking it, along with the relentless drumming, to a whole new level of aggressiveness.

Their moments of rabid blasting are succeeded by 4/4 grooves and moments of fast double bass drum under a swirling riff, before they return to blast beat again. A nice change to diffuse some of the tension and the fuzz created with the continuous blasting. Kind of takes your mind away from it instantly and then drops you back at it. Clever enough, especially when we’re talking about songs that have an average length of 4 minutes each. Which also is the small black spot in this hearing process. The songs are big but the tempos they follow are more or less the same in every track. After a while it kind of feels like you are listening to the same track over and over. Something that could definitely be avoided if they had smaller tracks or if they decided to alter the tempo between the blast beats.

Also the vocals, without being bad, sound kind of monotonous having the same flow almost in every track. Both minor flaws though to a great effort the boys from Indonesia did. Relentless and catastrophic. This is mostly what stays in mind after you’re done with the hearing process. A first full length from a band that shows much potential in this really demanding genre. Definitely worth a shot!

3 / 5 STARS 

Reviewer: Andy Christos

Jan 3, 2021

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Disintegration – Prahara

review Disintegration - Prahara

1. Tuhan Kontemporer
2. Kelam
3. Tahta Berhala
4. Tendensi Ideologi Radikal
5. Konspirasi Luka
6. Prahara
7. Fasad
8. Kehancuran


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