Disloyal - Godless

This is a brash tirade of death metal akin to Immolation, Vader and similar contemporaries. All fast, furious and in places rather technical. Sometimes the technicality kills the flow of the tracks, but this is common in this field for me. When slower tempos are used, there’s a touch of mid period Morbid Angel in key areas too, especially on ‘The Chastener’ mixed with pinched harmonics which don’t really do much for me personally unless you listen on a big sound system, otherwise they overbear the track. ‘Self-Carving Titan’ has some effects on the vocals, robotised I would say, nice effect and shifts them into a different category for me clearly evident of late 90’s early 00’s influence but loses it completely with some whammy bar action and disjointed chords.

‘Give Place unto Wrath (Vengeance Is Mine; I Will Repay)’ on the earlier part of the release is much more up tempo and brutal, here the riffing and fretboard wizardry works, like those NYC bruisers mentioned earlier and perhaps the standout track for this release.  ‘New Enemy Rising’ has a Florian stance with the drum patterns, sonically challenging to catch all the business end of the music. Again here, sometimes on inferior sound systems or as an Mp3 sound, you will lose the rhythm under the barrage here, but many are chosen and Disloyal follow the expected pattern of brutality for some intricate brutal death metal. ‘Mors Imperator Mundi’ is another tune with some oddball drum patterns with some often progressive death styled guitar patterns. The tone of the guitar solo near the 3.5 minute mark is immense, playing over the complex rhythm style in the background.

As a full release, there are many areas of enjoyment, many areas of musicl prowess and clear technical ability paying homage to past masters. The crux for me on this release is that it can be too complex for its own good in places, the flow is stifled with a stop start change of time signature just at the point you have got yourself into the groove. However, this is a popular style by choice of many amongst you so there’s nothing majorly negative to state, just your own personal preference.

  1. Abruption 
  2. Give Place Unto Wrath (Vengeance Is Mine; I Will Repay)  
  3. New Enemy Rising  
  4. Dybbuk 
  5. Self-Carving Titan  
  6. Mechanism Of Deceit  
  7. Mors Imperator Mundi  
  8. Corporate Beasts  
  9. On The Ashes Of The World 
  10. The Chastener

Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 4, 2015
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