Dismembered Flesh Mutation – Necrophiliac Decomposition

If you enjoy the type of metal that you could slowly introduce to your parents and hope they understand and appreciate your interests, then this is definitely not the band or album to start with. Dismembered Flesh Mutation’s 2020 “Necrophiliac Decomposition” is as sickening as the band name and album title suggest. If you google the band name in search of information on them, you’ll not be surprised to see some pretty weird webzine articles relating to vicious and gross detailed oddities of real-life stories that are relevant to such title. And so begins an adventure into one of those weird, dark side of the music industry records.

As an album, “Necrophiliac Decomposition” is as chilling as a severed head in your fridge. The song titles are bizarre and menacing, but often borderling a comedy approach. The genre of the band could be labelled as cybergrind at times, especially due to the relentless pummelling of the drums which often sound more robotic than human. Vocally we’re annihilated with a goregrind toilet-bowl gurgle sound that often escapes the genre’s true nature and opens up into a slightly more diverse orbit. Whereas the goregrind – gorenoise genres usually consist of a lack of melody, Dismembered Flesh Mutation are not afraid to experiment or slow their sound down to cater for a wider audience and offer a more unique experience for it’s brutal listener.

If song titles like ‘Cooking Children’s Entrails From The Rosary Ring’, and the more extreme titled ‘Ulcerated Vagina Full Of Maggots’ don’t excite you, then I’m afraid nothing else will on this album which is full of putridity and excessive disgust. Detailing the most inclusive of brutal death metal as a genre, but you can also expect chunky slammy breakdowns to accompany the horror themed samples within. Whilst the music isn’t half bad produced for a genre that is usually trendy for sounding as if it were recorded from a bathtub, the main plug for this release is to be offensive and as anti-music as possible. In which case makes for a fascinating, yet belligerent escapade.

4 / 5 STARS 

Reviewer: The Fetus Bin

Jan 15, 2021

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Dismembered Flesh Mutation – Necrophiliac Decomposition

review Dismembered Flesh Mutation - Necrophiliac Decomposition

1. Ulcerated Vagina Filled With Maggots
2. Shredded Mature In A Stone Grinder
3. Raped By The Hatchet
4. Orgy In The Morgue Full Of Decomposing Secretion
5. Arnold God Of Whores And Flies
6. Sadomasochistic Trepanation Of Skull Of A Musty Dwarf
7. Cooking Children's Entrails From The Rosary Ring
8. The Guartered Torso Of The Pregnant Bride
9. Zombie Apocalypse (cover Mortician)
10. Anorectic Breast Barbecue
11. Death Injection
12. The End Of Suffering


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