Disquiet - Scars Of Undying Grief

'Scars Of Undying Grief' is Disquiet's first debut album. After the success of their demo back in 2008, the band has been hard at work orchestrating their modern approach to Thrash Metal, combining elements of Melodic Death Metal and just straightforward Metal for a harsh, but rhythmic experience. Excellent solos, clear production, harsh vocals that carry their own weight and don't sound like a Slayer rip-off... what more could the present Thrash-head want? Tracks like "La Camorra" and "Carved Soul" are fast, but well structured in melody so they don't seem monotonous in their rhythms. Other tracks are a bit slower, but the Melodic Death Metal influence can certainly be seen in them. "Predator" and "Faces Of The Fallen" show Disquiet's softer side, which also offer some of the most atmospheric moments, especially in an intro like "Faces..." Rather than be all about speed and churning guitars, the band slowly inches their way in with layered notes and eventually lengthy, cohesive waves of Amon Amarth tinged rhythms that would make any individual feel ready to go to battle. Even though when slowed down and the simplicity of the riffs are present, listeners will certainly appreciate tracks like these much more than the conventional Thrash assault.

The final title track is perhaps the strongest offering from Disquiet. Mixing both the Melodic Death side and Groove Thrash side together, this is an excellent 'Modern Metal' piece. Perhaps the biggest surprise here is the use of clean vocals within the chorus, a first time for Disquiet. Almost feeling vocoded in the background, they add a HUGE boost to melody for the band and a potentially new direction that to could launch them into mainstream success. The clean vocals have that deep, soulful Viking Metal tinge to them but also include a bit of nasal Melodic Death Metal tones, such as the likes of In Flames. Still, it adds more quality to the band as opposed to keeping things entirely in the harsh vocal department, and also helps the track stand out alone amongst all the others. Ultimately, both Thrash and Melodic Death Metal fans will find this appealing, as well as Groove Metal fans who enjoy the likes of Sepultura (without the tribal influences though). Disquiet have certainly presented a very strong debut that sheds away any mediocrity and will blow fans away, as well as captivate them, with 'Scars Of Undying Grief.'

  1. La Camorra
  2. Killing Silence
  3. Trenches Of Blood
  4. Predator
  5. Outcry
  6. No Mercy Left
  7. Indignation
  8. Carved Soul
  9. Do Not Obey
  10. Faces Of The Fallen
  11. New Age Of War
  12. Scars Of Undying Grief

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Dec 12, 2011

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