Disquiet - The Condemnation

This is Dutch melodic thrash although most would probably categorise as melodic death and that leads to numerous riffs and solos, it’s very heavy; akin to modern Testament, Exodus and early Johan Liiva era Arch Enemy. I have pretty much summed up this release in the first sentence! But this is one of those surprise releases that you find from time to time.

Yes the majority is a heavy dose of modern thrash, the melodic passages are simply infectious and that’s what really gives this album character. I couldn’t actually pin point one single track out, as they are all worthy of merit. But when you hear the quality riffs such as this, well, you are in good company.

Vocally Sean Maia is a monster, with a very powerful approach this really keeps you enticed , its hard not too with such quality, but it’s the guitar work that is particularly pleasing with many neo-classical-ish fretboard runs perfectly executed and metalized with a clear passion for their art. The title track talks about the urge for power and control over other people; a general observation of the whole album and modern life’s trend of becoming more egotistical and basically selfish.

If you want a heavy start to your day then get your hands on "The Condemnation", it is vibrant and exciting and crosses many paths of recent musical releases, but this is Disquiet’s own interpretation and I like what I am hearing.

  1. Ascending  
  2. The Condemnation  
  3. Fist Of Persistence  
  4. Born To Dissent  
  5. The Great Divide  
  6. Haul Down The Tree Of Life 
  7. Las 'Pasi  
  8. From Essence Deprived 
  9. IDK  
  10. Bred To Fail