Dissect – Swallow Swouming Mass

Dissect are one of those bands that on the surface should have made their past glories more prominent, there is a genuine approach and love for this band, but you have to remember, this retrospective of their entire career contains recordings going back to 1991 to 1993, so the sound quality is not that perfect. Their full length album ‘Swallow Swouming Mass’ brings comparisons with fellow countrymen Gorefest especially their early material and that includes the first 9 tracks of this 2CD set.
‘Z Day’ has a great mid paced chugging theme, a genuine level of respect is earned here because it must have been hard at the time of this original materials release period to gain recognition, i.e. pre-the internet…there is nothing actually that different to this and some of the bands of the time that gained more press coverage. So humble is their premise is shown on their Facebook site, They even have photos of a local gigging haunt in Camden, London; “a dream to play here”…this is really not that hard to do to be fair, UK promoters take note! Thick meaty and heavy death metal otherwise will keep you entertained such as ‘Presage to the Eternity’ that has a real Death (‘Spiritual Healing’) feel to it, maybe even some further EU death metal bands of the time.

As a compilation release, this is a band that sits above many of the big named bands of the time, given their time over again and the internet I am sure Dissect would have made more of an impact. Their material is classic nowadays but this is material from 91-93, hence you get what you expect. Perhaps it is more fitting for this material to gain a greater audience some 20 years after its original incarnation. For that you can hear the complete demo collection also included on this 2CD set. Dissect and all their spelling mistakes can definitely hold their gory head up high and feel proud of their material, it’s a cool old death metal experience.

Reviewer: Paul Maddison

Mar 25, 2013

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Dissect – Swallow Swouming Mass


CD 1
1. Vanished Into the Void
2. Exterion Tumours
3. Gals of the Eternal Solstice
4. Z-Day
5. Presage to the Eternity
6. Swallow Swouming Mass
7. Pulsating Blood
8. Growls of Death
9. Spontaneous Diarhoea
10. Intro
11. Growls of Death
12. Exterior Tumors
13. Disembowlment
14. Rape Hate
15. Z-Day

1. Presage to the Eternity
2. Spontaneous Diarhoea
3. Gals of the Eternal Solstice
4. Pulsating Blood
5. Disembowlment Part 1 – Outro (Instrumental)
6. Growls of Death
7. Exterior Tumors
8. Disembowlment
9. Rape hate
10. Z-Day
11. Green Moon
12. Potentiate
13. Hunting Instinct
14. Fragments

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