Divahar - Alien

DivahaR is a pure female band formed in Armenia. The foundations of the band were set back in 2009 by Dev. In 2009 Dev and Urubani were already writing their first songs. When Skadi joined the band, Dev focused on the vocals only. In 2010 Freya joined DivahaR. Now having more than 10 concerts behind them DivahaR is working on their first album, which will be released in 2013.

Well been waiting ages for this after discovering a link so long ago I can’t remember and the band have kindly sent this link to me so here it is in all its glory!

Deep, startling and disturbing this gives out something of intense urgency, is stark and encapsulates the feverish atmosphere with resounding quality and produced by no less than four women who originate from Armenia.

On listening to the gurgling you would swear it was a guy growling unmercifully but you would be wrong it is Dev and she is definitely female.  I think these gals could give any blokes a run for their money.  It is very easy to get immersed in the video as well as the track itself. It harbours really deep poignant passages of pure unadulterated melodic black metal as well as offering atmospherics and heaps of brutal pleasure to the listener.

This will leave you energized and captivated as it instantly mesmerizes the senses. The guitar from Urubani and Skadi just scorches, and is persistently dramatic. Cleverly structured bass devours you as you listen and that scathing voice is to die for - DivarhaR does not just evolve it creates timeless and thought provoking music, see for yourself!

They have forged their own unique sound in a relatively short space of time adding a caustic vibe that enthralls and captivates as well as bulldozes the ears with extreme depravity whilst mixing into their repertoire a certain and most welcome melodic touch with a dark blackened twist.

The video is creative and really hits the mark and intensified by the powerful clips of the band performing the actual track, drenched in spikes and wet look leather that will whet a guy’s appetite most definitely.

This band possesses it all in abundance and are extremely talented musicians. The black angels will just tick the box on so many levels. Their music inspires madness and everything that is disturbingly associated with it. DivarhaR have simply created a monster from solid structures, seamless rhythms and heavy bass along with a snarling vocal that simply adds to the bands wealth of talent and showcases them in total unison with each other as they carve a brutal path into the music scene be it in Armenia.

DO NOT IGNORE this band – this is black metal at its utter best, if this does not melt your face off nothing will! Hurry up girls and get the album out!!!


  1. Alien

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
May 2, 2013
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