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Document 6 was founded in January 2012 by Rollo (drums) as a left-political DIY band from Aachen, Germany to mix elements of hard core, punk, death metal and grind core and play extremely fast, aggressive music. It should be dirty, fast and extreme. Songs that are extremely hard, yet catchy, and independently varied.  The end of 2012 the first album “The Fourth Reich” in true DIY style – was recorded & mastered.  As was the cover design and everything else. On the debut album “The Fourth Reich” with 16 songs and over 42 minutes of playing time shows Document 6 as versatile and multifaceted and how aggressive music should be played. This album was not recorded in a professional studio, however it’s an album that shows extreme force and hardness and ticks all the boxes, putting the listener in full broadside.

Der Hasse Auf Adam Und Eva (The Hate From Adam And Eve)
This starts off with sinister goings on creaky doors and a voice saying – ‘I will kill you’ creepy as hell and even more shocking that everything else is in German but those words are in plain English whilst the track plays out in German but it all adds to that grind core flavour – whatever it is sung in.

Stumpf Auf Die Fresse (Stamp On The Face)
Let the grind commence with a splurge of foot battering and head splitting vocals. This track holds some superb rhythms as well as punk overtones of brutality. Commanding a tight rein on its victims.

Another punk inspired track chanted in good old deutsch and then explodes into a fierce tirade of madness.

Das Ganze Land (The Whole Country)
Gnarly and tempestuous and sincerely engaging you can actually feel the pulsating flurries protrude from the speakers as the rhythmic antagonising bombards every sense possible. The low subsonic growls spit hatred in abundance. One amazing track.

Hardcore Holocaust
Assault and battery on the human anatomy! The rhythmic tension bruises and bites angrily to a rather hypnotic beat. Striking and damming it never lets up its onslaught for a second. Great use of samples too!

Tod (Dead)
Sound the sirens Document 6 are in the building… be it only very briefly with this ‘as quickly as it starts it finishes track’ which doesn’t allow you to fully immerse yourself in its brutal offerings – sadly.

Rabenstein (Ravenstone)
Fast, furious, fierce and ferocious, devilishly fuelled with fiery intrigue and sounds like the band is screaming Rammstein! Only similarity here is both bands are German. Still I am not going to dis this track as its caustic scarring is just immense.

Unruhe (Restlessness)
German sampled voice with punk overtones really does explode into a shrieking squall of violence. The German voice really suits this kind of music to perfection.

To Sum up:

The band has packed a lot into this 8 track E.P that holds deep punishing rhythms covering a lot of elements, mainly grind and punk. They are certainly a cantankerous bunch who clearly come alive with aggression and mesmerise with cruel, lingering destruction. A rigorously ravaging concoction of bone crunching, head splitting temptation is prevalent when listening to it and no before you ask they are not Nazis, just because they use the word Reich and Holocaust they, like many other German bands always seem to face this question from the ignorant few who do little to research bands fully. They are however self confessed followers of left wing politics, but that is hardly a crime is it?


Their music has to be said is angry and aggressive and these words Reich and Holocaust are simple terms in which to describe the music which is an all-out battering to the senses and describes what the band produces to perfection.

After a few obligatory line-up changes (the band however is still searching for a vocalist) have now found their balance for the time being and shortly, will see the band tour in Israel.

With the BUY button under the track list you can download it for FREE. So grab it and remember: in grind we trust! Over and out!

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel

Jan 2, 2014

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Document 6 – Blut

  1. Der Hasse Auf Adam Und Eva
  2. Stumpf Auf Die Fresse
  3. Volx-Mu-Sik
  4. Das Ganze Land
  5. Hardcore Holocaust
  6. Tod
  7. Rabenstein
  8. Unruhe


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