Dodsferd - Spitting With Hatred, The Insignificance Of Life

Dodsferd/ Wrath has been a very active individual in the metal music world ever since his debut. For the past several years he's been delivering fans parts of a three course trilogy about his nihilistic philosophy, and finally here is the final piece. Listeners will notice a difference in 'Spitting With Hatred,' as it heralds back to Dodsferd's older works. It's still very raw and chaotic, but compared to 'Suicide And The Rest Of Your Kind Will Follow'- the second part of the trilogy- it goes more into the heavier black rock n' roll than suicidal black metal. Much faster, not as slowly churning and drawing more on the Xasthur influence. Consider this more in the vein of Leviathan again, but with more groove and rhythm while retaining a dirty and evil tone. In fact, some could consider that the merging of black rock n' roll along with suicidal/ depressive black metal suits Dodsferd perfectly well in this chapter.

One could easily attribute the black rock n' roll return perhaps to Dodsferd's other work with his band Nadiwrath, which didn't exactly hit winner notes with fans, but Dodsferd usually works best on his own anyway. When considering tracks like "Praying in Vain..." and "Spitting With Hatred..." the epic lengths and violent tendences of the music, whether it be in the rapid guitar chuggings, slower depressing moments, or the constant spitting of evil vocals from Wrath that sound like a man who can barely live with himself, let alone with the world around him, delivers an excellent performance. The shorter tracks like "Preaching Death..." are a bit faster and hearld back to albums from Dodsferd's work like 'Cursing Your Will To Live.' Here there is no remorse save in the clarity of sound with the drumming, despite the gritty atmosphere. Still, it's a long way to go since 'Desecrating The Spirit Of Life,' which Dodsferd's debut.

The momumental epic, "A Pile of Shit...," culimates the final words to the trilogy and drops a bombshell of a metal track for fans to enjoy. It pretty much culminates everything that Dodsferd has done throughout his career and opens up a volcano of nihilism. Listeners can feel the hate rush over them and enjoy the blistering, crushing melodies melted into the sonic sphere of chaos. Overall, this probably the best piece of work Dodsferd has done yet, and hopefully he will start a new trilogy and continue to evolve his work by keeping it evil and hateful but also mildly enjoyable.

  1. The Hate Goes On
  2. Praying In Vain Under The Shrine Of Your God
  3. Your Kingdom Was Built In A Lie
  4. Preaching Death And Destruction
  5. Spitting With Hatred The Insignificance Of Life
  6. A Pile Of Shit; The Only Hope Of Your World