Dodskammer - The Voice Of Loser

Winter is here and although there is no snow on the ground, I resort to black metal on occassion for nocturnal bliss. Id probably hate this album if I were not in the mood for atmosphere at the moment. Its very repetitive black metal. Enslaved comes to mind, and new Enslaved at that. You hear the progressive elements. I hoped it would be more interesting, but its very monotous. The parts that catch you are few and far between. I hear some Opeth in there. Then a silent acousitc break as in the song "Nothing". I could imagine Opeth playing live, and Mike making a comment its about a bitches but. Humor maybe, but I wanted more out of this. It seems this day and age drum programs, and computers allow a band to grow too easily. They dont have to make the effort bands did before the internet. I enjoyed the whole process a lot more then; from an artistic and fan point of view. I could see why theres less excitement to buy music with the oversaturation.

From what I gather Dodskammer reside in Italy. Its a one man band, and it sure sounds like programmed drums. For such a populated area you think he would find members in a pinch. Everything is very dry production wise. Could be heavier indeed. I think the band formed in 2002, and have a couple releases under their belt. The word Dodskammer is Norwegian for "Death Chamber". Aside from a few death metal growls, this album is not very death metal oriented to me. Standard and enjoyable when you want to zone out as it is downloadable for free with the BUY button at the track list!! Otherwise search out older gems from the black metal scene, like 90s Norwegian death metal for your Transilvanian fix.

  1. Suns
  2. Time
  3. Nothing
  4. Alone
  5. Breath
  6. Blindlion
  7. Days
  8. End



Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 20, 2012

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