Dominion - Born God And Aware

With no euphemism finally I can remand this album, and that’s quite essential to know all about DOMINION. An album “Born God and Award” was coming to starting the furor from Unique Leader in October 2006. Really complete from the contents where DOMINION melded the melodic style with crushing beat and inductive accuracy. 10 songs are purveyed to your clever ears and it’s very appropriate to digest the the awesome plays of the members. And this band has the multi-talent players. I get no gut to listen parts from technics of the superiority especially from double guitars integrity. Get the tracks such as: ‘Legion of Dominion’, ‘The Endless’, ‘Born God and Aware’, ‘World Downfall’ to your mind. Slow and fast tempos pulverise with lead, zombied grunting, waving groove riffs in the exploded sound-- even felt atmospheric. Many words to tell the sound where raw and heavy arrangements cutting throat, but this album is the first to take the form fetching the new energy. From the lyrics, this album is told about yearning, misanthropic, insanity that blurred with dark thoughts undeniably without leave the value to dominate as the hidden message. I just remember DEICIDE, NECROPHAGIST, SUFFOCATION to take the characteristic of the music. And it’s meaningful to presume that DOMINION is the one of their new generations. So, you have to check if you are the extremists.

1. The Endless
2. Appreciate To Mutilate
3. A Demonstration of Domination
4. Legion Dominion
5. Born God And Aware
6. Temple of Insects
7. I Bury Blades
8. World Downfall
9. Dominance Hierarchy
10. Elite
Unique Leader Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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