Dominus Xul - To The Glory Of The Ancient Ones

This Chilean band started life as Dominus in 1992, and 6 years later changed their name to Dominus Xul. They’ve been playing together in different variations for the past twenty years or thereabouts, and this is their first full-length album in thirteen years. Focusing on death metal, their themes include anti-Christianity, darkness and death.

The album punches a hole in you the moment it starts, bursting out of the speakers as if with a life of its own. It’s perfectly mixed a nothing is overwhelmed by anything else and it all seem to fit and to work well together. The obvious guitars are held in check by the bassist and drummer providing ample rhythm and speed for the growling guttural vocals and the occasional backing by other members.

This bombastic album blows you away from start to finish, with each of the songs sounding similar but also with their own differences. It’s really nice to hear the odd guitar riff and the key change as they solidly wok their way through each of the songs. Although at times they sound a little torturous as they rip through the chords in readiness for the return of the unintelligible vocals.

Every song is a perfectly formed piece of art, with the instrumentals and the vocals timed not to clash with one another. This is a definitive album that focuses the mind on what death metal is truly about. I could listen to this on repeat all day and always find something different to focus on, it’s that varied and layered in its sound.

  1. Intro
  2. Burying The Holy Lies (Manifesto Of Apostasy)
  3. I Raise Lucifer
  4. A Tribute To The Real Knowledge
  5. Time For The Ancient Ones
  6. The Ancient Initiator (Bringer Of Light)
  7. Dethroning The False Father
  8. Elements Against Weakness

Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 16, 2012

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