Dr. Doom - Dr. Doom

Get ready, get set, get your ass beat!! Here cums Dr. Doom!! This Dutch outfitt produces grindcore that runs with the best of ‘em. Reed Richards aint shit! Taking all the classic punk influenced grindiness and using black, death, and every other kind of metal to fill in the gaps. Creating 8 songs that will influence you to rip off that damn suit and tie and mosh you motherfucking ass off! Shrieking vocals, guitars heavier than a 30 person bus full of obese tourists, a bass so distorted and sludgy, its actually heavier than the guitars, palpitating drumsthat forces your testicals to hide in your stomach. This is real fucking grindcore! A must for fans of Naplam Death, Brutal Truth, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and the like.

1. Intro
2. Essential
3. WorkingClass Crusade
4. My Life As A Teenage Materialist
5. Undying Feelings
6. Keys To My Heart
7. Mordfall
8. Interrogation At The Airport
Crash Landing Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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