Dragonlord - Black Wings Of Destiny

Here's the dark souls from Dargonlord with their black wings of destiny. This is dark symphonic metal with elements of death and black. Heavy guitars playing massive riffs or fast melodic attacks. Drums are either pounding or raging more uptempo with double bassdrum parts. The heavy mid tempo parts are supported by keyboards to create an even darker atmosphere and the vocals on top of this are hatefilled screaming, more growling and even clean singing. Modern sounding disk with dark feeling and good musicianship.

1. The becoming of
2. The curse of woe
3. Revelations
4. Sins of allegiance
5. Until the end
6. Mark of damnation
7. Blood voyeur
8. Fallen9. Black funeral (cover Mercyful Fate)
10. Emerald (cover Thin Lizzy)
Escapi Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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