DRÅP – En Naturlig Död

In the old cold north, 1800 km far from me. In the middle of Sweden, directly by the sea. There is Sundsvall, a small swedish-province-town with a population of 50,000. From there comes DRÅP. Formed in January 2013 by vocalist Joachim, in May 2014 they released their first D.I.Y.-CRUST-Album called “En Naturlig Död”. In english: “A natural death”. My first impression as I saw the Front-Cover was that it is a cool idea. It matches with Crust and so I was in exciting expectation of what was going to burn my ears. And just by the first song I got a direct big punch without a useless Intro! No, unnecessary things were thrown away completely. Fast deep heavy guitars as it should be and fast drums and a voice that wants to say “The last day will come soon!”. And so the disc is like a ride on a beast in the middle of a battlefield against the enemy army. And you don’t know, is the beast on your side or not? Without breaks, everytime you have to be carefull, otherwise you will be swept away. Either by the beast or by the enemies. The only way to survive is to fight and kill. Kill everything and everybody near and go on and on, on and on. The beast rages around. Rolls over what is in its way. After listening to the first song you must hear the second and then the third and so on and on, on and on. No stop, further, further, further. And after the album has stopped you need to restart the album or else…….you are dead!

OK. There are no experiments. No trips to other worlds. Nothing new. After listening to the album you don’t see the world with new eyes. But this isn’t the intention I think. This is just to destroy, kill and slaughter in the tradition of bands like SKITSYSTEM even thought not quite like this band because the last killer instinct is missing after all. But nevertheless, the sound is really cool and great CRUST! Very well mixed and mastered. For me, definitely an album which I can recommend. And I'm waiting now for the second album and I hope that then the beast not only rages around, I hope it has the absolute death bite and will kill to the point exactly.

  1. Preparat
  2. Avsked
  3. Förstörd
  4. Häktad
  5. Horblod
  6. Nekad Till Vard
  7. Verdergällning
  8. Höstmörker
  9. Ett Hopplöst Fall
  10. En Naturlig Död