Drawers - All Is One

French Stoner/sludge, whatever you call it, Drawers have a mix of power and low end groove in their mighty arsenal and they credibly know how to use it. ‘Grey Sailo’ is quite dreamy, the desert scene of groove, Hawkwind atmospherics and an overall delivery that really makes you nod your head in appreciation and a terrific way to build up and toe tapping stomp-a-thon when the verse kicks in. Niko Bastide has a mix of vocal styles, ranging from Phil Anselmo’s Down period, to that other New Orleans heavyweight in the musical stance Mike Williams (EHG). The power, the groove, Drawers have it nailed down hard. ‘Golden Adieu’ mind bends your consciousness during the build-up to the first verse, I mean, slide bar/slide guitar work with massive doomy southern groove filled riffs, genius and heavily effective. I touched on the ‘southern’ style, yes towards the latter part of this album you get a little sludgy, like Eyehategod, a nice touch and wonderfully executed maintaining a cool level of atmosphere and overall listening dynamics.

Drawers are not taken in by the need to noodle or base an entire song on one theme, riff or style. Each of these hard hitters invokes emotion, anger, whilst musically there are many an influence. These arrangements grow on you; they define an increasing appreciation of their musical depth. But the simplicity of ‘Black Queen’ and its overall hook takes in those hot halcyon summer nights and the downtrodden masters of misery really know how to release a real powerful bit of sludge and incorporate this with a relatively clean vocal delivery.

Drawers deliver the goods, they have an art for writing powerful epic stoner stomps mixed up with punishing sludge and groove, this is a definite one out of the box, this is a very pleasing release and well worth a good few moments of your time, especially tracks like ‘Ivory Lighthouse’.


  1. Caput Mortuum Ocean
  2. Grey Sailo
  3. Black Queen
  4. Ivory Lighthouse
  5. Blue Keel
  6. Silver Hand
  7. Purple Ride
  8. Red Ballet
  9. Electric Seat
  10. Golden Adieu
  11. Muddy Smoke
  12. Azurite Constellation

Reviewer: twansibon
May 3, 2012

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