Druj – Chants To Irkalla

Djuj are a new American death/doom metal three piece. "Chants To Irkalla" is their debut full length and follows their debut EP "The Malignant Dweller" released last year. On this album you get 6 tracks spanning 44 minutes. Each track is a slow burning, gut churning epic.

10 minute opening track 'Ziggurat Ablaze' goes on a journey and shows you what you are in for, the song makes its way through several sections. Some part stop and have clean playing atmospherics before building up again. 'He Who Drinks Of Namma' leads with a grinding riff backed by a slow looping drum beat which creates this really interesting hypnotic groove before breaking down to going ssssslllllllooooowwwww. It can be pretty crushing.

Death/doom metal is an odd one. As with all genres there are people who don’t like it and those who listen to nothing else. While this record is far from bad and Djuj haven’t done anything wrong they have done what they set out to do. But I have to be honest, I struggled with this album. They would really benefit from a bit of variation and a change of pace now and then. This album is the polar opposite of "Reign in Blood" when it comes to pace. I don’t mind a bit of Disembowelment or Inverloch if the mood takes me but I prefer one or two songs like this on an album to break things up but a whole album is a bit daunting.

BUT it’s up to you if you like the slower doomy side of death metal fill your boots. It’s certainly worth checking out and a worthy listen. How often you return is main factor.


1. Ziggurat Ablaze
2. He Who Drinks Of Namma
3. Chants Of Irkalla
4. Consort Of Sin
5. Invoke
6. Ashes Of Immortality