Drunken Bastards - Horns Of The Wasted

Hmmm... what were these guys thinking? Seriously. Eight tracks that only amount up to nineteen minutes, and the music isn't even that good. In fact, it isn't even mediocre. Drunken Bastards surely must have been drunk while recording this album because it does sound like a haze induced, thrashy black metal mess. The album opens with a very disturbing introduction that features a recording of a woman discussing human experiments with nuclear technology and plenty of painful screaming to illustrate the point. It's very difficult to listen to without cringing simply for the emotional effect. Then when the music kicks in, it sounds distorted and all over the place. It rips and rocks and rolls... but with no real purpose or direction. It sounds like down and dirty black metal from the Darkthrone 90s era mixed with Megadeth, and the result is not good at all. Tracks like "Posercrusher" and "Baptized In Speed And Blood" may seem like aggressive, metal worthy tracks, but they just come off as laughable, poor excuses for music. The music is better than the vocals, which are usually the focal point of everything when present, and they just croak and roar, sounding completely high or lacking any real depth or emotion in them. It's hollow... and in turn the music becomes hollow.

If Drunken Bastards was doing this all in humor and fun, one would maybe consider this forgiveable. But, any notion of seriousness is instantly discarded as a poor attempt at trying to make an album worthy of being called 'enjoyable' metal. This kind of music should only be heard when the listener is too drunk off THEIR ass to realize that what they're listening to just isn't going to cut it when it comes to trying to listen to something and take it seriously. Darkthrone? Megadeth? Their music can be taken seriously as decent music attempts that actually have something worthy to say. But, not with 'Horns Of The Wasted.'

  1. Nuclear Era
  2. Toxic Patrol
  3. Posecrusher
  4. Destroy The Factory (Eat My Fuk)
  5. Drink With Satan
  6. Alcoholic Big Tits
  7. Baptized In Speed And Blood
  8. Prophecy Of The Evening Start (Barbados)

Hell's Headbangers Records
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Oct 18, 2010

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