Dysentery- Internal Devastation

This US brutal death metal band have released their 7th album, this their 2nd full-length. They focus on blasphemy, torment and gore within their music, and have been playing together since 2002. Throughout their near ten year career there have been many changes but now, with members from other bands such as the original Dysentery, Parasitic Extirpation, Sexcrement and Proteus, they have settled into regularly making death metal.

The very short Epilogue introduces an album that is classic black metal – relying on guitars and drum for the structure, and the growling guttural vocalist above all else. The vocals and instrumental meld well into each other and compliment, instead of opposing each other. The constant guitar-fed speedy riffs are backed by a passionate and skilled drummer able to keep up both with the guitarist and with the vocalist, creating a well-meshed sound that is easy to listen to, due to it being very similar to a lot of now early death metal.

Sticking strictly to the genre has obviously done this band well, this being their seventh album together. The vocals are strong throughout, with no threadiness or loss of power, so the vocalist is well able to keep up with his growling for as long as he wants. The speedy drumbeats lick furiously throughout at the heels of the guitarist/s and vocalist, providing an unsteady, changeable beat suited to any song on the album.

There’s no real favourite on this album for me, as they all sound similar within the genre, and that’s a good thing for this band, as they primarily do what they do best – growling and cursing not only through the vocal, but through a twisting guitar sound through each track holding it all together neatly. The song names don’t actually mean anything, and feel like words put together because they sound good – which is amusing.

  1. Epilogue
  2. Beyond Light, Amongst The Shadows
  3. Pernicious Passing
  4. Entropic Putrefaction
  5. Internal Devestation
  6. A World Apart
  7. In Rememberance Of The Lifeless
  8. From Creation To Dust
  9. Forsaken Memories
  10. Scars Of Suffering
  11. Genocidal God 
  12. Devourer Of The Dead
  13. Decimation By Fear
  14. Bound By Disease

Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 2, 2012
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