Dysrhythmia/Rothko - Fractures

Dysrhythmia is an instrumental trio that comes together with Rothko to a split release. When you visit the MySpace page of Dysrhythmia you can read that there is "no vocals, no breakdowns, no dancing, no fun!!!" in their music. You can agree with that but what you hear in these 14+ minute track is tempo instrumental with various melodylines and freaky guitars. In the middle of the track you get a faster part before they return to a slow end section of the song "Earthquake".

Next up is the band Rothko from the UK and they are more into ambient soundscapes. Consisting of two bassplayers, a drummer and keyboard they are more eerie sounding, more relaxing and bit spooky. Two different bands who got the opportunity to make a nice split when you want to relax and hear some well played stuff.

1. Earthquake

2. Tell your Story To The Winds
3. Torch
Acerbic Noise Development
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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