Earthride - Something Wicked

Maryland`s Earthride are back with their long awaited third album titled "Something Wicked". Do i really need to tell you about this band, if i do then something is seriously wrong. Having since forming in 1997, Earthride have delivered a couple of mighty albums like "Taming Of The Demons" and "Vampire Circus" but its been a little frustrating for us fans only having 2 full length albums in 13 years from the band. Earthride are so good that the extended waiting period between recordings has been pure torture but finally "Something Wicked" is out and its another Earthride opus of the highest magnitude. There is no mistaking that this is a Earthride album as the Earthride sound is still there and stronger and tighter than ever before. Of course Earthride is fronted by former Spirit Caravan bassist Dave Sherman and there is Kyle VanSteinburg on guitar, Rob Hampshire on bass guitar and Eric Little on drums. The patented Earthride sound is one that is heavy and raw as hell and they have lost none of that on "Something Wicked" but at the same time, the songs here seem to flow better than any of their previous albums. Nothing against those recordings because they are all legendary but this new album seems to be more concise than anything they have done before.

The opening track kills in usual Earthride fashion but when the second track "Hacksaw Eyeball" takes over, it becomes immediately apparent, this is Earthride at their amplified best. The track is packed full of doomy riffage and the powerful backing spewing forth from the bass and drums is immense. "Make Up Your Mind" is perhaps the most infectious Earthride tune ever, not in the commercial sense but the sonic grooves have a irresistible power. Sherman's vocals are more over the top than ever before too, his vocal delivery is unique and make no mistake, its pure Sherman. I don't think there is another dude like him and he seems to get more crazy with age. "Destruction Song" has a southern sludge vibe with a catchy chorus and "Zodiac" begins with a acoustic interlude just at the right point in the album before charging into a full steam ahead mid-tempo burner. "Watch The Children Play" features great bass lines and another infectious chorus and "Grip The Wheel" reeks of pure old-school with Earthride sounding more like a straight Heavy Metal band more than a doomy, sludge metal outfit but its all good anyway.

One of the real highlights comes in the form of "Supernatural Illusion" because it features no other than a guest appearance of Scott "Wino" Weinrich who adds some cool backing vocals and tripped out guitar passages. The album closer, "Force Fed Fear" is the epic closing track and features everything that makes Earthride such a essential band in the underground world of Doom Metal and Sludge Rock. Dave Sherman said in a interview recently that "Something Wicked" is really a cross between "Vampire Circus" and the "Taming Of The Demons" albums and he is right on the money. No real surprises on the album but then again, you wouldn't want it to be. One thing is certain, Earthride has one of the very best guitar sounds in the business and this album, its at its most sonically charged. There is not much to say about this recording, its simply essential for fans of Earthride and fans of Doom, Sludge and Stoner Rock combined. Its been a long time coming but the wait has been worth it.

1. Something Wicked
2. Hacksaw Eyeball
3. Make Up Your Mind
4. Destruction Song
5. Zodiac
6. Watch The Children Play
7. Grip The Wheel
8. Supernatural Illusion
9. Force Fed Fear

Self released
Reviewer: Ed
Jul 21, 2010
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