Ebolie - Elevation Into Disintegration

Another piece of evidence that Australia only consists of crazy fucks is Ebolie. Playing grinding deathmetal with some whacky escapes into whatever comes up in these twisted minds. Where this in your face band is fucking technical at times, with lots of variation in tempos and riffing, sounding fucking tight and fresh as little sister's pussy the lyrical topics and songtitles obviously bash everything serious that is left in any music scene. Fucking good release with great artwork, lyrics and of course some mindwhipping deathgrind.

1. Blood tapped skull
2. Elevation into disintegration
3. Human error
4. Straight edgetasy
5. Queens of the scene age
6. Work forced
7. Foetal grindings
8. Rape of sanity
9. Queer eye for the metrosexual
Grindhead Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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