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Echoes Of Yul are a Polish duo have brought out this rather long but very listenable self titled album on the obscure "We Are All Pacinos" label. Combing Sludge,Ambient and some Industrial sounds into a seamless(some might say)experiment. One of the things that set them apart is their use of melody as oppose to the noise factor. While there is 13 songs on the CD,it is all put together so well it could be viewed as one long epic. They avoid the need to be abstract for the sake of being experimental and deliver 76 minutes of real powerful instrumental music. There is some vocals on here but its more just screams and shouts and they also use a few samples but its all used in a very effective manner. Not much need for me to single out certain tracks because its all good solid material. They also have a fine balance between memorable riffs and percussion while not over doing the improvisational nature of the songs. Even though this is the occasional crushing moment and droning sections they don't do too much of anything leaving us with a fine balance of all those techniques. The atmosphere is dark like most of these kind of recordings but its real creative so it makes the 76 minutes pass real easily. Unlike some bands that drone and hum along endlessly without progression, this duo have a kind of driving energy that makes them unique. I guess you could compare them to Godflesh and other industrial kind of Metal bands but this band has a lot more to offer. I believe this album is in limited supply so there is a chance it may be overlooked which is a pity because this is one of the better albums around in this genre. Give it a listen.

1. Midget
2. From Infinity to Infinity
3. Clear
4. Third Time
5. Or
6. Walking
7. Everyone's Midget
8. Square Faces
9. Pony
10. Ape
11. Open
32 (Everlasting Drifting)

Self Released
Reviewer: Ed
Feb 18, 2010

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