Echosilence - Distorted Horizon

Now and again, I get a record that blows my mind away! And here is one that I insist on sharing with everyone! Distorted Horizon from Echosilence. Now for some of us BRUTAL MANIACS-you are probably looking at me and saying-its official, Rick is on crack. Opening with Views On Views, this record has a strong jazz presence. Now mixing Jazz and Metal is not something thats unheard of. In fact Jazz is really the basis of Death Metal guitar playing, just distorted to the 10,000 degree. Others have combined Jazz and Metal to create really great music, most notably Cynic and Dream Theater. Echosilence takes on a bit more of the jazz side. This is an amazing collection of songs, solidified with stellar execution and musicianship. Distorted Horizon is a very unique experiance for all of us hard core metal heads, but it is ohh so worth it. Soothing, kick back, and funky Jazz interludes, mixed in with heavy as fuck metal riffs and melodies. A female vocalist whos style is absolutley intoxicating, and a voice that is unique and undeniable. This is a record that I have enjoyed from beginning to end. Distorted Horizon is a musical statement that challenges the way music period is heard and played in this day and age! A Must Have For Fans Of Music-Not silly sub generes there of.

1. Views On Views
2. Distorted Horizon
3. Information Intoxication
4. Human AnimalEvery
Nailboard Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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