Eciton - A Scent Of Veracity

When it comes to evaluating death metal bands, it's really hard to do it these days. Because there are so many death metal bands out there that you can hardly distinct one from another. This is exactly the case of Eciton, which comes from Denmark and has a second full-length out entitled “A Scent Of Veracity”.

The album isn't bad, it's actually very good by death metal standards. It has all the elements a brutal death metal needs – dynamics, brutality, heavy riffs, groovy and and fast drums, roaring growls and atmospheric elements that enhance the brutal and dark atmosphere. The only problem is that there are tons of records that sound exactly the same, and it's really hard to pinpoint an element in Eciton's latest album that would make them stand out from the hundreds of similar bands. No doubt, guys have done a very good job with “A Scent Of Veracity” and it sound very brutal. But it would take a really nerdy death metal fan to give Eciton a chance.

Although, I'm sure that the music presented on this album sounds killer live and you should definitely give these guys a listen when they come to your town. It's the type of death metal that makes you want to headbang near the stage all the way, and that's really great!

1. Intro 1
2. Neo Conservative Control
3. Seduced By Deceit
4. Lack Of Interest
5. Intro 2
6. Manipulated Death
7. 3:51
8. Foreign Hordes
9. Exposed Devotion
10. Fake Existence
11. My Sacrificial Pyre
Mighty Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 14, 2010

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