Eciton - Suspension Of Disbelief (pre-mix)

A powerful and frenzied onslaught of rabidity and harsh gruesome growls kicks off here.  The intensive rhythms shower through the speakers, your ears awash with a bristling and malicious endeavour. This is a lot more sonically suffocating than the previous album and shows that the band have indeed moved in the right direction.

Social Pacifier
Again another scathing and torturous melee of rabid ecstasy prevails and offers a more concentrated and coarse persistence of malevolence, this is just one voracious track that deals the blows unmercifully.

Another dramatic journey spawned with pure hate and tempestuous rhythm together with the darkest of brutal vocal that seizes control in an instant. Intimidating and predatory, hued in a sonic and menacing embrace – this is the real deal.

To Sum Up:
The jump from 2010 to now is just huge. Eciton have clearly shown a darker, harsher gait, inciting sinister overtones and are larger than life itself in absorbing confrontation – this newish album although nearly a year old now, should be in every death metal fans collection without a doubt, everyone who loves death metal will realise that this is one album that should not be overlooked. Packed full of eager anticipation, epic riffs and downright cruel vocal scathing, has to be an all-round winner! Roll on the next onslaught from death metallers Eciton. Being Danish I can even forgive them for the spelling mistakes on the E.P.

  1. Thoughts
  2. Social Pacifier
  3. Believe