Ecnephias – Ecnephias

This Southern occult themed metal was birthed in 1996 by it’s front man Mancan -vocalist, guitarist also lawyer. Ecnephias has come a long way within it’s journey into the darkened metal realms with it’s beginnings lying in blackened death doom and then maturing now into the genre of extreme gothic metal where it seems to be very well seasoned.

This self titled 2015 release “Ecnephias” holds thick with atmosphere and fills the air with a fantastical mythological feeling. Each track holds a story with each tale bringing in the essence of an untold darksome fairytale. Guitar work though out this album, both the, fingering and picking styles are a dance macabre and as found in the 7th track ‘Tonight’ simply continue to tell the tale when there are no vocals to enchant you with their dark poetic lyrics. As each chapter unfold there are slight surprises with twists and turns in “Ecnephias” which make this piece of art stand apart from this band’s previous works. A good example of such element of surprise would be found in the  11th track ‘Nia Nia Nia’ which holds some acoustic work and embraces the folk edge into it’s vampy sound showing how diverse the creativity and musicianship are. This band’s influences are dark poetry, the occult, paganism and medieval witchcraft and these influences are strongly apparent within the lyrics and musical tones as found within this 2015 full length release.

Ecnephias the album holds a strong Moonspell sound with many layers and lacings of acts such as Septic Flesh, Dark The Suns and the earlier days of Amorphis. Very classic goth influence as well but without the arrogance. This album’s tracks are very melodic and catchy having that whole vampire dance vibe to it which is not a bad thing. Dramatic, strong and yet somber are the best words to describe Ecnephias (both the band and this self titled album).

Not super original however I still do highly recommend this album. If you know of this band’s previous works you will see how this new release totally stands aside on it’s own making it well worth the listen. Well put together, well produced and nicely blended.

Reviewer: Metalhead

Jun 1, 2015

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Ecnephias – Ecnephias

  1. Here Begins The Chaos (Intro)
  2. The Firewalker
  3. A Field Of Flowers
  4. Born To Kill And Suffer
  5. Chimera
  6. The Criminal
  7. Tonight
  8. Lord Of The Stars
  9. Wind Of Doom
  10. Nyctophilia
  11. Nia Nia Nia
  12. Vipra Negra
  13. Satiriasi (Outro)

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