Edain - Through Thought And Time

Martin Král (guitar), Zedenek (bass), Jiri Stanek (drums), Martin Brnovják (vocal) and Pavel Jerábek (guitar) bring to us progressive Death Metal hailing from the Czech Republic. Total length of this awesome 5 track is 35 mins which is a good dose to give you a taste of what this band will have to offer in the future. "Trough Thought And Time" is an expressive album which is an experience in itself. Agression with talent is what this album is about, with tons of melody, great musicianship and stability. Love the tight riffs and interesting solo work. Very versitile and due to the short length of the album you will be left wanting more so no chance of boredom here haha. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


1. The Downward Spiral
2. Fragments Of Frail Designs
3. Aphrodisiac 
4. Eden Lies Obscured 
5. Earn Your Pain

Zero Budget Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 15, 2010

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