Edenic Past - Red Amarcord

This "Red Amarcord" by the Americans Edenic Past is a rather bizarre and imaginative project, a band that sees among its ranks characters of the caliber of Colin Marston (Dysrhythmia, Gorguts, Krallice) and Nicholas McMaster (Krallice, Turris Eburnea).

13 tracks of an experimental and sometimes psychedelic brutal death that incorporate more or less famous characters or objects for each title and linked to some historical, political or other events. We then start with Brandon Chase, to get to the late Chuck Schuldiner, then passing through the vicissitudes of Litvinenko up to the journalist Baburova. 30 minutes of a brutal death of difficult assimilation, surrounded by multiple facets and inhuman times. A guttural and very deep voice tries to glue this album where dozens and dozens of riffs, tempo changes, psychedelic atmospheres and various effects build the whole backbone of the work.

Surely we are talking about an album that will have to be listened to over and over again to be appreciated but above all understood. Here we delve into the darkest and most extreme parts of brutal death, where experimentation and madness come together to create something new and innoative. 30 minutes of madness, 30 minutes of misunderstood genius, 30 minutes of musical schizophrenia. To you the arduous sentence.

3.5 / 5 STARS

1. For Brandon Chase
2. Beria
3. Kolyma
4. The Connection Between Bruno Schulz And The Holodomor
5. Chuck Schuldiner
6. Litvinenko
7. Politkovskaya
8. Molotok
9. Katyn
10. Kyrgyz Komuz
11. Koestle
12. Red Amarcord
13. Baburova