Edguy - Hellfire Club

Cool intro! But is it a intro? Because the spoken words come back in the Mysteria song and it is now becoming a real promo song on a promo sampler.

No it is coming in back in all the songs. Don't know if it is coming in the normal version but this is nice done. Edguy plays power metal with clear powerful vocals, dominant guitars, melody, uptempo and catchy singalong choruslines. Metal with real spirit although some might call it fake due to the fact they played with an orchestra. Listen and deceide for yourself.

1. Intro 2. Mysteria 3. The piper never dies 4. We don't need a hero 5. Down to the devil 6. King of fools 7. Forever 8. Under the moon 9. Lavatory love machine 10. Rise of the morning glory 11. Navigator 12. The spirit will remain
Nuclear Blast
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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