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Experimental Black Metal at it's finest! This Scandinavian quartet hail straight from Stockholm Sweden and have been creating infernal sounds since the end of 2007. Edin Na Zu is a phrase used in a form of exocism to banish evil spirits, this stems from the ancient Sumerian language and it's translation means: "Go to the desert". The band Edin Na Zu (as per guitarist/vocalist Lycant), use this title's meaning to represent what they are doing with their music which is that they are exorcising their own personal demons and daily problems through their music and lyrics.

This is a self titled demo the title holds deep meaning to the band memebers which consist of: Morgion - guitar + vocals, Lycant - guitar + vocals, Impavidum (played in the Chilian band Frozen Winds once upon a time) - drums + backing vocals and Count Marius - bass + backing vocals. Edin Na Zu was founded by  both Morgion and Lycant and was originally a 2 man project but quickly blossomed into a full and serious line up after Impavidum joined in then as the band calls it became a full fledge 4 headed beast when Count Marius made his connection not long after.

As a new band with this being their first self released demo (recording and edits all done by Impavidum), yes one can point out that it's production is alittle rough on the edges but aside from that this is an incredible piece of work. The music has feeling and the musicianship is smooth. These guys were meant to play and create together. These tracks are all uplifting with melodic speed. Awesome riffs, tribal primative percussions (which is what I like), unpredictable leads and changes, never giving you time to think "what was that" but rather creating a pace which moves the listener along with the chaotic flow. I love how the bass stands out on it's own, creating a solid backbone for each track. The vocals are the most evil and deadly growels and gnarls churning the stomach acids and bubbling the ear fluids with both Morgion and Lycant taking the leads on vocals while killing it with dual guitar work as well. As Lycant has stated to me in an email converstation: "Each member of the band is vital for the creation of our music". After listening to their self titled demo "Edin Na Zu" I can totally agree with him on this. Each memeber hails from different backgrounds and nationalities such as Chillian, Romanian, Spainish, Swedish and all bring in various musicial influences to the band which can be heard through out this 5 track demo.
Edin Na Zu's goal is to keep creating great music and to never let their art stop from evolving and with this self titled demo as their representation I know that they are off to a most chilling and beautiful start. I very much look forward to hearing more from this band and for the release of a full length album. I highly recommend you looking into Edin Na Zu and know that you will love and respect this demo as much as I do.

Definately far from boring and leaving it's listener wanting more, injecting it's melody and curruption deep into your brain with it's most haunted atmosphere of gloom yet setting in a twist exposing some light into the darkness of what the usual standard of black metal is.

1. Death Be My Liberation
2. Averno
3. Far Beyond The Thinking
4. The Scent Of The World
5. Ser Uno

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 13, 2010

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