Eibon La Furies - The Immoral Compass

Eibon La Furies formed back in 2006 in Lincolnshire as a singular project by Lord Eibon. Described as Avant-garde black metal with the occult/spiritual thrown in – this sounds right up my street! Their promotional material was sent to me back in September but I was unable to review it then due to personal issues and now feel “partly” ready to continue. The band have really gone to town on their promotional package and it comes in A5 book form with the disc enclosed, something quite unique in its own right. Eibon La Furies started work on this epic album back in 2012 the same year they recruited Neil Purdy on Lead Guitar. The band is inspired by -”The shadows in humanity” so the inside cover has us believe and goes on to say, The Immoral Compass preaches that whatever our choices, moral, immoral, or amoral, they should be bold.  “The balance of greatness can be tipped either way” As black as this sounds Eibon La Furies is indeed a force turning negative into positivity and just what I need in my life to stop me from sinking to the depths as like the band I seek to regain control and do not plan on being drowned by a cascading crush!

The Compass Awakes
The sinister strings ambiently flow to a resounding drum beat that quickly gains a steady rhythm – this however is just the beginning and a nice little filler track to pave the way on what is to come.

Immoral Compass To The World
The gravelly whispers flow to a crisp guitar and sonic bass hook whilst the drums hold that forceful rhythm together. This is not your usual black metal and like it says on the tin is avant-garde with all the trimmings. Good tempos surround a blackening vocal with rock stamped all over it and I would say quite an epic track.

Astronomy In Absences
The chilling ambient presence of a haunting keyboard fills the air with sinister undertones as the track unfolds. It is deliberate and steadily works its way forward morphing into a blackening vocal growl. The guitar sounds harsh and foreboding suddenly turning into a mesmeric array of fast strings that deliciously wrap themselves around the aural, giving the listener a lot of food for thought. It is neither one thing, nor another, so adding that surprise element.

Imperial Jackal's Head
More ambient sinister leanings that once again turn into a rhythmic array of strings with a resounding chug effect, adding spice to the track.  Vocally evil and damming, spitting forth venom in a blackened haze with superb effects. The guitar takes on a mind blowing savage attack of strings whilst the keyboards add a sprinkling of haunting melody.

Flames 1918
A superb opening of opulent keyboards and a slow demonic edgy vocal. Whilst the drums take on a marching beat. Powerfully haunting and has you gripped as each track unfolds its eerie but surprisingly uplifting tones thanks to a deftly played keyboard.

An Enigma In Space And Time
A beautiful cascading stringed opening to this track with solid sporadic beats as it edges slowly to its conclusion. An unusual track that boasts a euphoric stance of fast and fiery fret work that comes from nowhere. It will no doubt leave you wondering what will happen next. The harmonies present themselves with a resounding burst of pulsating energy.

Who Watches The Watchers?
Eerie Raven calls turn into a bludgeoning blast beat but yet the tempo is slow and unyielding. The now familiar tones of rippling gravelled demonic growling begins and displays their blackened tones to an unending haunting presence of crisp, clean strings. If this doesn’t send a chill down your spine then nothing will!

Conjure Me
Superb rhythmic guitar chugs out to some shrill harmonies that give depth to the other added and cleverly produced effects. The chill has now turned to inflamed ravaging as the track builds to its conclusion of evil whispers and solid drum beats that offer no hiding place for the weary or faint of heart. Superb track!

Ascending Through Darkness
Again eerily haunting with clever use of sound effects that work well within the tempos and darkened edge of utter blackness. The harmonies offer a glimpse in the background as the drums swell and the vocals come into play once more offering their ever damming presence of evil.

The Vanguard
You can almost see the men standing in a cave with the flames flickering, dancing on the aged walls of time. The guitars work extremely well with the drums adding more intensity to an already intense track.

The End Of Everything
Hardened and evil the sound of this track is like a predator stalking its prey. Vocally Lord Eibon growls out some severe lyrics to a doom laden ambiance, whilst the strings offer some light to the proceedings and simply lick the ears as they play out.

The Compass Remains
A beautiful end to what has been an intense and magical listen. The icy strings glide effortlessly around an unyielding tempo of darkness.

To Sum up:
One intense album from start to finish with glimpses of haunting melodies and evil demonic vocal prowess that works extremely well within its surroundings. Beautiful keyboard arrangements and strong bass hooks with solid beats that feasts on occasional rhythms, this is a very unique listen.

It is not an album that you can listen to willy nilly – it must be savoured and digested in a way that rewards the listener. The ambient fluctuations and the superb sound effects melt into sheer perfection as track after track holds something new and ignites the listener to feed off its findings.

The doom laden feel along with the eerie ambiance is quite astonishing and no doubt fans will already have picked out a favourite track or three to play again – For me personally, my highlights have to be ‘Immoral Compass to the World’ ‘Conjure me’ and ‘the Vanguard’ as they hold certain irresistible imagery, although no doubt, I shall find others that grow on me as I listen again to the album.

The energy this album sums up is mighty powerful and adds menace to its contagious mystique.  Eibon La Furies have certainly paved the way with this 12 track of uncompromising, inventive and passionate booty that for me, has been a good haul!

  1. The Compass Awakes
  2. Immoral Compass To The World
  3. Astronomy In Absences
  4. Imperial Jackal's Head
  5. Flames 1918
  6. An Enigma In Space And Time
  7. Who Watches The Watchers?
  8. Conjure Me
  9. Ascending Through Darkness
  10. The Vanguard
  11. The End Of Everything
  12. The Compass Remains