Einfall - The Art To Enslave

Nowadays Russia is full of known and reputable bands, and there are loads of bands deserving your attention. Einfall is one of them however (maybe I am wrong), they don’t seem to be so known around…

Einfall plays mid-tempo old school Black Metal (or better Blackened Death Metal) blended with hints of Thrash and Rock. Although one might imagine something simple and straightforward, this album ‘The Art to Enslave’ has it own charming side. To start, one little fact that may draw attention is the vocals which are quite close to Satyricon, and I might say the same about the rest for the overall music performance. Being labeled as Black Metal, the music sounds chunky and thick! Filled with pounding rhythm guitar riffing, “doomy” parts (reminding me of early Bethlehem and huh Autopsy (??), simple but enjoyable melodies, nice tempo variation, and last but not least, the strong drumming performance especially those solid rolls.

To conclude here, simply imagine the current Satyricon with an old school chunky sound and feel!

It is pity that Einfall didn’t appear back in early 90’s during the time when Peaceville Records was releasing all those metal classics!  Einfall’s ‘The Art to Enslave’ would definitely be among those CLASSICS! A very interesting release for those who love those early times!

1. Intro/Enslavement   
2. Mean Light   
3. Sacred Legacy   
4. Evil (Lying Truth)   
5. The Lost Essence   
6. Wormy Cage Of Elysium   
7. The Coming Of Time In Darkness   
8. Fight For The Inner Life   
9. Behind Horizon Of Mind

Black Devastation Records
Reviewer: Jo
Apr 28, 2010

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