Ekpyrosis - Primordial Chaos Restorted

When I read a name ending with osis, I always think about nasty diseases and gore grind or gore noise... well not even close considering this band. Formed out fire is what it means, Ekpyrosis, ancient Greek. A creative and a well-chosen name for the music these Italians make. Death metal with the 90s US style and some heavy doom influences from our Scandinavian brothers back in the days. Active since 2013 and published 2 demos on CD and tape, 2 EP’s and 1 full length on CD.

I’m very curious reading influences of Immolation and Incantation and a female drummer also sets the pace. You don’t see that much, pity if you ask me. 'Abyssal Convergence' is the first of 5 songs and I really dig what I hear. Great sound, heavy grunts, slowly doomy introducing you to a song filled with death and darkness. You really hear the Immolation influences and its awesome! The old school blast beat gives me goosebumps of joy, I love it!

'Instigation Of Entropy' is up next, again slowly building up the song and a voice who hints to Nile. Again a very impressive song with strong riffing and pounding drums. The song is a bit longer, but they don’t give you time to be bored and know how to you’re your attention. 'Over To Conception Of Nothing', the Nile sort of grunts gets me a lot and really fits in these songs. Damn, I know for sure this record is going to make it to my collection, pretty amazed and nice to hear this band is succeeding in bringing the 90’s back to life! 'Chaos Condensing' is up next, this one is instrumental. I put up the volume for this one, it’s acoustic with a dark sample on the background and the louder I hear it the more I get in the mood... awesome.

'Devoured Death' is the last one, an Incantation cover, flawless and a very well performed. I can only say that I’m impressed by this band. They succeed in everything they want you to hear and there sound is excellent. No need to say more, check them out and support them, I know I will! I give this one 5 points, I really got blown away and that’s what good music does. Thumbs up!

  1. Abyssal Convergence
  2. Instigation Of Entropy
  3. Conception From Nothingness
  4. Chaos Condensing
  5. Devoured Death (cover Incantation)