Ektomorf - What Doesn't Kill Me

Spawned out from Hungry Ektomorf's 2009 full length release "What Doesn't Kill Me" is an actioin packed source of truth with lyrics dealing with such contraversial issues such as racism, society, personal pain and anger with music mixed in away to create a sound that is super fat and very modern, filled with extreme aggressive power. This album is very intense and is sure to get your blood boiling. Even though I am more of an ambient doom and black metal kinda gal the direct approach and intelligent manner of how this album sounds and was put together and how it manages to get it's meaning that stands behind it out in such an ear shattering and mind blowing way "What Doesn't Kill Me" has totally won me over and I cannot give this a rating lower than an excellent 5/5.

1. Rat War

2. Nothing Left

3. What Doesn't Kill Me...

4. Revenge To All

5. Love And Live

6. I Can See You

7. I Got It All

8. New Life

9. Sick Of It All

10. It´s Up To You

11. Envy

12. Scream

13. Breed The Fire
AFM Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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