Eliminator - Krieg Thrash

The Germans Eliminator arrive with their debut album in the genre well accented thrash metal of true old school with an outstanding work and underlining aggressive at first sight and that is the mind of this band predominating in the pure metal satanic weapons and aggression.

Considering how they sound in the first instance we find an excellent intro and with incredible sound that creates an expectation of an infernal album, and I was right musically speaking because they have an entire cusp of good riffs thrash bases chaotic, with a lot of speed and a voice with much reverb that adapts well to recordings of "vinyls times" obviously they concentrated on writing and recording to achieve well at this point sonic environment, and taking into account sound vinyl in this today is very nice, and to understand that, here the singer took the reins a massive deep lyrically unbridled attack that sweeps away all with a deep reverb that makes to the maximum his voice, but noticeably guitars do not sound in that way with the reverb and makes me think in intelligent work focused on a study sound mixing old and modern EQ guitars that build everything and let this work in something no stifling beside a dynamically perfect drums and a really great sound.

Everything unravels in a holocaust album is pure hell to familiarize followers of the old school with a torment dense total, and I enjoy listening to this work that conveys a full onslaught of provocation with some lead guitar to radicalizing even more absolutely everything and they lash in a express feeling awesome!

Is a traditional thrash metal which imposes vigorous and energetic attitude in this debut full which gives a very amazing damnify!


1. Raging Shrapnel Hail
2. Merciless Beast
3. Eliminator
4. Warfare
5. Of Sheep, Shephards & Filthy Sermons
6. Satana (cover D.I.V.)
7. Impact Of Evil
8. Tunes Of Might
9. Kill With Speed
10. Gargoyle Of Prague
11. The Night Is Ours