Embalsamado - Vasta Escuridão

Although "Vasta Escuridão" was recorded and mixed in 2014, it remained in obscurity for 4 years and was digitally released in 2018. It was not until 2020 that Embalsamado first full length album received a proper release from the Dutch label Murder Records as a limited edition to 150 copies cassette tape.

The bells' mourning chime and the synths of the intro are influenced by middle ages music, ritual music and the dark wave/gothic genres. The storm effects create a seriously claustrophobic atmosphere. The intro serves as a welcoming to the depths of the abyss.

After the intro, the severely punishing doom riffs of the guitarist Chaos break out extremely slow and hauntingly dark for 'A Máscara Da Morte Escarlate'. The production is super low-fi as if the material was recorded in a cassette recorder, but this actually helps to the re-creation of the atmosphere and vibes we used to get from the 80's - 90's demos.

The groovier guitar themes are influenced by Black Sabbath first albums (especially "Paranoid") and Solitude Aeturnus first 2 albums. The slower riffs sound closer to Thergothon, Disembowelment and Worship (Ger).

Wolfer's vocals are torn and original, of almost black metal aesthetics, and in a very interesting balance with his death and doom influences. Inkubus on the bass and Bitch Hünter on the drums make a very interesting and totally abyssic rhythm section. The drums sound like they have echo or reverb effect or as if recorded in a cathedral, which is very nice and suitable.

The Brazilians continue their demonic delirium with 'Demônio'. The palm muted riffs of the song work like a third rhythmic instrument, while the higher guitar notes are almost redemptive. The feeling you get is that of an unholy ceremony, a ritual. At the faster riffs Black Sabbath of the first 3 albums are again worshipped! The drumming is chaotically fast, but at the end of the song it becomes heavy and monolithic just like the riff.

'Seu Caixão' features guitars with the thicker distortion in the whole album. They sound like this also because the riff is absolutely funeral. Desperation, primitive glorification and infernal majesty enshroud in macabre the apocalyptic sin of Embalsamado! Filth and unholiness!

Side B kicks off with 'Insanamente Livre'. The demonic pestilential doom of Embalsamado is spreading sickness again over the land. The vocals of Wolfer sound like spells from the underworld. The lo-fi recording and production here are certainly an asset for the feeling the material wants to deliver. The guitar and bass sound as a massive thing hammering your head.

The same titled song 'Vasta Escuridão' shows the faster side of Embalsamado. At least for a few seconds in the beginning of the song, because doom takes control again soon and the funeral party continues in super slow motives and tempo.

'Desespero Noturno' opening riff is influenced by old heavy metal and doom. It is grandiose and satanic in its obscurity. A true doom headbanger that I was very glad to listen to. The tremolo performance is super nice. The change in the middle of the song is another straight Iommi influence from the "Paranoid" album. The lead is just another proof! After 'Desespero Noturno', the outro is another ritual piece.

This underground doom/black gem comes in a yellow cassette tape with sticker. The cassette jacket is mostly black, the artwork is black/red colored showing a demon and the whole package is completed with an A4 poster and a complete A4 lyric sheet! Pretty impressive! I am most positive that raw black metal and funeral doom fans will dig Embalsamado and "Vasta Escuridão". Embalsamado is a very interesting and original band. They play underground music without fear to reveal their influences. Their songwriting is great and they choose lo-fi production instead of polished. I am glad this material finally found its way to a proper release. Murder Records did justice to the album. I hope Embalsamado continue their nightmarish journey!

4.5 / 5 STARS 


1. Intro
2. A Máscara Da Morte Escarlate
3. Demônio
4. Seu Caixão
5. Insanamente Livre
6. Vasta Escuridão
7. Desespero Noturno
8. Outro