Embers Of Oblivion - Widdershins Path

Embers Of Oblivion is a dutch melodic death metal band with members from all over the country. The band was formed by Lars and Marco in 2014 and after some changes in line up Maarten, Haat and Nomiis joined after their first release. The band describes themselves as "melodic death metal with a touch of Gothenburg sound". The different styles of the members in the band creates a unique atmosphere with harmony, dynamics and variety.

When Embers Of Oblivion launched their first album in 2015 named "Dark The Winter Frost" the line-up changed. After some concerts in Europe the band and good reactions from the public went back to the studio in 2018. And in december they released their second album "Widdershins Path".

The album begins with a melodic intro called 'Enter The Void' and after that continuous with When emptiness follows. A song with melodic guitar riffs, blast beats, fast double bass drumming and fitting bass riffs. After listening to al the songs on this album I concluded that the songs although having some similarity, are all unique in their own style. Some songs have howling guitars but mostly the melodic riffs combined with drum and bass are not unpleasant to hear. The variety of vocals is also nice to hear, screaming, grunting and sometimes combining this two singing styles fits perfect with the music.
One song that I liked is 'Inherited Screams', it just kicks off with no intro what gives this song a nice punch. The song has changes in intensity and dynamic, some parts are ideal for moshing/headbanging and other parts are very calm and peacefull, the changing from technical to melodic guitar riffs is awesome and still there is a dark atmosphere in this song.

One thing I noticed on the entire album is that there is a good co-operation between the bass and drums, this is very important and after good vocals the second important thing in a band (at least that's my opinion). When it comes to guitars I got the feeling that they have their own style throughout the whole album because of the dynamic's and guitar riffs, they co-operate extremely well with the rhythm section, one example of this is that the blast-beats on this album aren't a complete mess but a tight powerhouse. An other example is that the drum fills are wel adjusted with the other musical elements. The screams and grunts fit with the songs and are completely making sense. One downside on this album was that although the bass guitar was present, I sometimes just missed it in some parts of the songs and it could use a little bit more volume, but maybe that was the intention of the band.

This album gets 4,5 out of 5 stars because of the technicality and the kickass melodic death metal these guys are playing.


1. Enter The Void
2. When Emptiness Follows
3. Tread The Widdershins Path
4. A Sorrow Mourned
5. Inherited Screams
6. Hate
7. As Lies Prosper
8. When A Sun Drowns In Fear
9. Staring Into The Abyss