Embrace Damnation - Glory Of A New Darkness

Its hard to put a label on Chicago, Illinois(e), Embrace Damnation which in todays music is a good thing. Theres alittle bit of everything. Melody and Brutality.
They are on this years Chicago Illinois Metalfest and with this in mind I believe everyone should go check em out!!! Upon first listen I notice there is quite alot of melody with some thrash metal ala Sodom but at the same time paying homage to the dark arts of black metal ala Venom et all. And its worth mentioing that this is Dave Kibler from Lividity's side project although he shared a stage with these guys in '94-'95 under the moniker, Section 8. I have to say it does feel like somewhat of a departure for him singing about Satan rather than pussy. (I thought it wasnt about Satan, I thought it was about pussy!?!)

Anyways, Embrace Damnation is an unholy assult on the senses and pulverises the listener into submission. Tracks like "Age Of Satan, Age Of Tribulation", "Diabolic Possession" and "Summon The Majestic" all stand out for me as face-rippin' tracks and theres even a blistering cover of Slayer's "Necrophiliac" which in no way seems out of place on the record for throughout I hear alot of early Slayer influence which is no bad thing at all. The drums here absolutely drill the listeners skull, they are probably my favourite part of this CD. They are simply unrelenting.

The overall production of the record is pretty awesome although I would of had a little bit more bass in the mix but saying that it sounds all good here. I have to trully commend the guitarists because its non stop riffing here and the lead playing is phenominal. The only thing that gets to me a little is that the vocal delivery is somewhat monotonous and comes across very samey. Its not to say they are bad but abit of variety in them would have been abit better but tis only a minor gripe. So make this CD your next sacrifice to Lucifer on your hifi!!! You wont be disappointed!

1. Age Of Satan, Age Of Tribulation
2. Torture Burns Inside
3. Broken Wings Drenched In Blood
4. Throne Of Chaos
5. Diabolic Possession
6. Glory of a New Darkness
7. Necrophiliac (cover Slayer)
8. Summon The Majestic
9. The Eternal Damned

Rotting Corpse Records
Reviewer: Connor
Apr 21, 2010
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