Embrace My Ruin - A Lullaby For A Dying

"A Lullaby For A Dying" by Embrace My Ruin is an excellent gothic doom-metal EP with growling and singing, not unlike Swedish goth-metal band Draconian, except that all vocals are female, and the music is more doom, less goth.

Comparisons to Embrace My Ruin's sound could also be drawn to My Dying Bride or maybe November's Doom. Walls of tragical guitar with some piano embellishments and dramatic string samples and solid drums keep the tragic vehicle trundling along at a lumbering pace.

The lyrical themes are dealing with the struggles and resignation to bitter loss, conveying emotions of melancholy and numbness that accompany the severing of a relationship.

This, the debut demo CD of Embrace My Ruin was recorded last November and released in January 2007. "A Lullaby For A Dying" sounds very professional, especially considering it is an independent production.

1. In a deep silence
2. A lullaby for a dying
3. Solitude in pain
4. Memories through the shadows
Self released
Reviewer: mykke
Feb 26, 2009

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