Emergency Gate - You

Today we get new material from Munich, the new work of the Germans Emergency Gate. This veteran 'modern melodic death/metalcore' band, formed in 1996 has behind a great career, they have shared big stages with bands such as Kreator, Caliban or Eluveitie and in 2013 they're returning with renewed strength to offer his fourth studio album called "You".

At first listen, the sound of this album is totally crushing me! A well cared production, both guitarists Vlad Doose and Udo Simon have worked some very elaborated riffs in every song, with impeccable sound quality, the task of Mario Lochert, (bassist and founding member) accompanying each drumstick and getting fat every note of his mates, is essential to achieve this sound so compact. Also noteworthy is the work of Daniel Schmidle on synthesizers, giving their melodic touches and in my view, also at times of industrial work. The job on drums, by Chris Widmann, is one of the things that most caught my attention in this great work, but for my liking, in this case the sound is too mechanical, his playing especially in the double kick is perfect for this style. Finally, we need to talk about the vocal work of Matthias Kupka, what can you say when you meet this kind of versatile singer? In my case don't meet them every day, essential in this kind of music, very well tuned clean chorus vocals, and destroying everything with his guttural when the song requires.

Finally, in my oppinion, the most recommended songs are:

'Mindfuck', the song that opens the album with a rather nostalgic intro to start with this "simgle" wich the better point is a chorus that you can not stop singing, where Matthias uses his skills to use clean vocals, and in turn choose the perfect time to mix guttural voices, which will be a constant in almost the whole work.

'Moshpit' is in my opinion, where the band reaches an explosive sound, one of their fastest compositions where the union of strings and drums raise dust in their wake.

'Liar's Truth' is a song I think could eventually become an anthem for fans of Emergency Gate, and the quality of the main riff reminds me of my beloved Amorphis. At this track is Daniel who takes the control perfectly accompanied by the rest of the band.

'You' is the song that gives title to this album, with a very dynamic start where Matthias surprises us again with a very different way of singing from the previous ones, thus giving a different touch and really striking.

In 'Regret', we find one of the best guitar riff's, and angry aggression that does not leave you indifferent, also Mario's work is remarkable, especially for his forcefulness when filling the empty voids.

In short, a great album, flawless execution, great musicians, if what you like is the strength of metal mixed with melodies perfectly located, this is definitely your band!



  1. Mindfuck
  2. Force United
  3. Moshpit
  4. Feeling Inside
  5. Liar's Truth
  6. Breathless
  7. Revolution
  8. You
  9. Lean On Words
  10. Regret
  11. Back From The Grave
  12. Say Goodbye