Empyrean – Quietus

The band form Brisbane, Canada was formed in 2003. Quietus is their second album with great melodic / progressive (death) metal with fine classical arrengements. Empyrean plays under „Prime Cuts Music“ an Austrailan Label.

On the album´s 10 tracks the band plays an interesting style of metal.It sounds a little like Opeth meets Graveworm playing in a Death Metal Combo with Glen Benton on Vox... sound´s intersting, or? And it is so! The songs are sprwaling for nice classic / synthizer parts to heavy death riffing to progressive rock / to symphonic black metal. In fact that this dand does´nt exist for so long, Empyrean had made a very good job on „Quitus“.

The excellent combination of very deep growls with demonic screams / perfect tight drumming and high quality (lead) guitars combine the synth to a very proffessional sound. All fans of experimental, complex technical music should have a try at this album. It´s miles away from fucking boring mainstream shit.

Extremly worthwhile and sophisticated album. Well done!

1. Prelude
2. From Whence The Mourning Came
3. Halls Of Sorrow
4. Pleasure Of Another’s Pain
5. Shackled Within
6. Raped And Dying
7. Waves Of Tomorrow
8. Through Death And Beyond
9. When The Sky Turned
10. Quietus

Prime Cuts Music
Reviewer: Paul
Sep 18, 2009

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