Encyrcle - Encyrcle

The self-titled opus from Encyrcle is nothing short of amazing. A thrashing masterpiece in fact. Total old school worship with awesome production skills that really bring forth the obvious power that this album has. There is something almost “new school” or “futuristic” if you will, about this band but I can’t seem to put my finger on it. Like I said the vibe and influence is old school, but there is something about the way that they play this material that makes it extremely viable in today’s world of underground metal. There is no compromise here. It could be that this album is played with such honesty and passion, that it doesn’t matter what genre it comes from, it is going to have that cross-over appeal with metal fans from all over the world

In dealing with the music, you have riffs that are classical, thrash, and even doom influenced from the likes of: Candlemass, Cyclone, Pagan Altar, Iron Maiden, Dark Angel, Possessed, and early Forbidden. The solos are clean and crisp and somewhat intricate and the placement of these solos is just as awesome as the craftsmanship put into them. Also, where the solos are concerned, is where you will find most of the classical and traditional metal influence and it is brought to the forefront by the talent and passion put into the performance. I was telling someone earlier that this album sounds like Candlemass trying to play Cyclone’s “Brutal Destruction” if you could ever imagine such a thing. The drums on this recording are also traditionally influenced, but the thrash vibe really comes out here as well and is showcased as a primary influence of the band’s sound. It is pretty much run of the mill drumming here but it is done extremely well and leaves you with the knowledge that the drummer is capable of much more should future material ever call for it. I believe that Encyrcle’s passion for the old school is what makes them unique. I say this because, with most bands playing this type of material today, you can pretty much tell if they are a new band or not. But, from the minute you put in this cd, and if you didn’t know any better, you would swear this was a band straight out of the 80’s where other bands just imitate it.

Being one of the best newer thrash metal bands I have heard recently, Encyrcle certainly have a long career ahead of them. And, knowing how good they play now, just imagine how well and awesome sounding they will be when they have 4 or 5 albums under their belts. The only release they have is this CD. No demo, no EP, just this material. A well-thought-out, well-constructed, and well-presented piece of metal excellence that is not only old school influenced but rather old school personified! The sound and presentation for material like this is unprecedented in underground metal! So, is it any wonder that this masterpiece is put out by Unspeakable Axe Records? Get in touch and support this label and more importantly this band!

  1. Chronoboros
  2. To the End
  3. Evoke the Night
  4. Bloodbasker
  5. En Trance
  6. Dizzy Me Deadly
  7. Serpent's Dream
  8. Deathlust
  9. Facelasher
  10. Black Dust
  11. Obliteration Eyes